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Bartlein Barrels Inc.

We are experienced shooters, reloaders and hunters who have been working in the firearms industry for over 30 years, everything from working for a barrel maker to retail firearms sales. Together, we have been involved in firearms for over 45 years.

We always look to expand our knowledge in the firearms field and improve firearms that are being designed and existing models. Everything from hand guns, bolt action hunting rifles, competition rifles and even machine guns. Our desire is to make the best and be the best.

Manners Composite Stocks

Thomas Manners, founder of Manners Composite Stocks began making stocks in 2001. Thomas along with a group of some of the top 50bmg benchrest shooters, Skip Talbot, Randy Direks, Kenny Johnson and others, got together and laid out some basic designs for a new 50bmg bench stock. Thomas listened to their input and suggestions, then with the help of some space age manufacturing processes and materials developed a 100% carbon fiber stock. This stock now owns just about all of the 1000 yard 50bmg records. After this, it all kind of snowballed. Manners Composite Stocks has become known in the industry as the top of the line manufacturer for super strong, stiff, light weight stocks.

Badger Ordnance

For over 30 years, Badger Ordnance has been an innovator in precision mounting systems and military grade weapon enhancements, and we’re just getting started.

More than any other precision mounting system, Badger Ordnance is trusted and used by the Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines that protect and ensure our freedom.

Regardless of where your mission, hunt or leisure may take you, we have a solution that will meet the needs of both you and your rifle.



Pacific Tool and Gauge

Since 1957, Pacific Tool & Gauge, Inc. has been the leading global manufacturer of precision cutting tools and custom parts for the Firearms, Automotive, & Aerospace industries. We are committed to bringing our customers the highest quality product, using the latest manufacturing technology, at the best price.

Kansas City Safari Club

Safari Club International (SCI) is a worldwide hunting and conservation organization that is dedicated to conserving wildlife and preserving the right to hunt. With over 195 local chapters and 55,000 members, SCI represents a vast network and infrastructure in the hunting world today.

The Kansas City Chapter of SCI (KC-SCI) was established more than 31 years ago and is extremely active in local conservation and educational projects within Kansas and Missouri. Each February, KC-SCI hosts one of the largest Hunters Banquet & Auction in Missouri. What really places this Banquet in a class of it?s own is that 70% of the proceeds remain in Kansas and Missouri to be used for local projects as determined by our members.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage. Find facts, such as the number of acres of elk habitat the RMEF has conserved or enhanced, the number of RMEF members and chapters across the country, and much more.

Mule Creek Outfitters

Mule Creek Outfitting is a family business owned and operated by father and son team, John and Jacob Berger. We enjoy hunting, horses, and mules, and we love being in the mountains. We have made numerous trips to the high country over the past 20+ years and enjoy introducing friends to the experience of backcountry horseback hunting.

National Rifle Association

The NRA has, since its inception, been the premier firearms education organization in the world and America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights.


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