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Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect custom rifle is. We are building rifles with Remington 700 actions that have been trued or custom actions that are near perfect. We use only use match grade barrels made by Bartlein Barrels. You have many choices for stocks, my favorite is Manners Composite Stocks. The very best parts and accurate machining makes a rifle that shoots better than most shooters can shoot.

The standard Absolute Accuracy custom rifle will be built using the new stainless steel Remington 700 action and includes the following:

  • Re-cutting the receiver threads and lugs true to the bolt
  • Squaring the front of the receiver to the threads and lugs
  • The bolt face and lugs are re-cut and hand lapped
  • The barrel is stainless steel, cut rifling, match grade, hand lapped, and contour of your choice. The twist rate will be matched to the bullet you will be shooting.
  • The barrel is chambered to minimum specifications and fit to the action with minimum headspace
  • The new barrel incorporates a recessed target crown
  • An oversized recoil lug is installed between the barrel and the action
  • The stock is a Bell and Carlson Medalist composite stock with the integral aluminum bedding block (other stocks are available at an added cost)
  • The rifle is bedded in Marine-Tex Epoxy
  • The action and barrel are bead blasted to a matte finish
  • Timney trigger adjusted to 2.5 pounds

This rifle can be ordered with any caliber between .224 and .338, and any barrel contour. Other calibers are available at additional cost.

Upgrades to basic custom rifle:

  • Custom action – $350
  • Barrel Fluting – $155
  • Vais Muzzle Brake Installed – $250

Riflesmith Services

Absolute Accuracy LLC provides several services for bolt action rifles. Adding muzzle brakes, threading for suppressors, installing triggers, and bedding just to name a few. Check out the Services page for a complete list and prices.

Below prices are for Remington 700 rifles, others may have additional cost.

  • Hourly rate $60 per hour
  • Minimum charge $30
  • Check headspace $40
  • Borescope barrel $30
  • Bore sight rifle $30
  • Adjust or install new trigger $60
  • Custom bolt knob $80
  • Pillar bed stock w/ Marine Tex $250
  • Skim bed stock w/ Marine Tex $200
  • Mount scope & lap rings $60
  • Bead blast stainless rifle $75
  • Blast & Cerakote paint $275
  • Bartlein Barrel up to 26″ $335
  • Thread Muzzle $125 (brake extra, timed brake add $50)
  • Thread protector cap $45
  • True Remington action $200
  • Chamber & install new barrel $250 (includes crowning)
  • Cut and crown barrel $75
  • Sako type extractor $150
  • Barrel fluting $155

Rifle Accuracy Package $595

Accuracy is everything! There are many variables when shooting, rifle, ammo, wind, and the shooter. Our goal is to eliminate the rifle as one of the variables. Only accurate rifles are interesting!

This is a special package deal to introduce new customers to our work. Although this is not a complete custom rifle, you will be pleased with the increase in accuracy and consistency of your rifle. You supply us with your Remington 700 rifle and we will perform the work listed below. The stock needs to sufficient quality to bed, Remington SPS stocks will not work.

  • Square the front of the receiver
  • Re-cut the bolt face, nose, and lugs
  • Surface grind the recoil lug flat and parallel
  • Set barrel back and re-cut the chamber true to the axis of the barrel
  • Re-crown the muzzle
  • Bed the action to the stock with Marine-Tex epoxy
  • Adjust the trigger


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